Chris Dorman, Inside Sales Supervisor at MRS, completed a quality service course at the Disney Institute in Disney World, Orlando, FL. He spent the day with some of Disney’s long-time employees, who explained to him how they have been able to service their guests, (over 52 million annually) for more than 40 years.  Chris toured  some of the parks at Disney World, where he was able to observe examples of their excellent customer service practices. “The Disney Institute did a great job of giving the class some insight on how they counteract the pain points of a typical amusement park to keep customers coming back. This gave me some ideas that I can implement to take MRS’  customer service to the next level, said Dorman.”

Chris identified the areas that MRS needs to focus on in order to service our customers more efficiently. These areas include accuracy, communication, customer relationships, expediency, and knowledge.  Accuracy on order tickets and order picking is essential to our business.  Expediency is another focal point, aimed at reducing delivery lead times and improving customer service follow-up.  Educating our customers with product knowledge and good communication also sets us apart from our competition.   MRS has always instilled customer relationships as being a top priority, and we have had a long tradition of “buying from our friends and selling to our friends.”