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Manufacturers Reserve Supply Unveils New Branding

Manufacturers Reserve Supply (MRS). Built on a foundation of 90 years of tradition and reliability, Manufacturers Reserve Supply has launched a new branding initiative designed to more accurately reflect who the company is today. The new design – spearheaded by Marketing Coordinator Daphne Veras and Vice President, Sales and Marketing Tina Breen – has been updated to be more relevant for today’s marketplace and the company’s current customer base.

“We updated the logo to be cleaner, more modern and cutting edge,” explained Ms. Veras. “We want our image to reflect the bold, assertive, innovative nature in which MRS attacks the marketplace today, while still communicating the trusted, professional experience we bring to every customer interaction.”

A subtle but important attribute of the new logo is the four roots that can be found at the base of the tree in the center of the logo. The four roots signify the four generations of the Boyd family who established, grew and kept the business thriving through the years.

“Our company made a significant cultural shift about five years ago and our branding is finally catching up,” commented Ms. Breen. “In the last five years we made a concerted effort to adapt the business to our customer’s needs and become more flexible. We invested a significant amount into our internal infrastructure to become more customer focused. We have changed many of our strategies in sales and operations to provide greater support to our customers and their business needs. We wanted our logo to reflect our new attitude and focus.”

The new branding will debut on the website and marketing materials this month, to be followed soon afterward on the company’s trucking fleet.