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Manufacturers Reserve Supply Continues Its Family Tradition of Excellence . . . and Defies the Odds

Irvington, NJ — Manufacturers Reserve Supply (MRS). Today marks the culmination of a precisely designed 8-year succession plan as Brian Boyd is named President of MRS, succeeding his father, Stephen Boyd.  After 33 years at the company’s helm, Stephen will now take on the role of Chairman.

As president, Brian will be responsible for running all aspects of MRS, and he is uniquely qualified and trained for the challenges that lie ahead.  Brian has held critical positions in operations, inside sales, finance and has headed numerous pivotal special projects.  He has been general manager of MRS for the past 3 years.  Brian also held positions with other companies within the industry.  “I have no doubt that Brian will continue the tradition of extraordinary ethics and integrity that have been paramount of this company since his great grandfather started it over 87 years ago, back in 1931,” said Stephen Boyd.

And that long tradition is something very few family-owned businesses have the honor of claiming.  Only about 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation.  Only 12% make it to the third generation.  An even rarer 3% succeed into the fourth generation.  But it is more than family that Brian credits for the success at MRS.  “Our employees are what set us apart and continually raise the bar for our company every day. My dad and I are just two people, so we rely heavily on our employees to help us continue the success of the company” said Brian.  “Over the years, we’ve also developed a very strong management team who collectively sets key goals and makes strategic decisions.  We have invested a great deal of effort and commitment into the values and mission of this company.  That serves as our North Star and guides the company into the future.”

As Chairman, Stephen will remain actively involved in the company providing guidance to the Senior Management Team, building and nurturing critical industry relationships and helping to formulate strategic plans for the company.