M.R.S. is an independent wholesale building materials distributor in Irvington, NJ specializing in quality siding, decking, roofing, and trim. M.R.S. currently distributes these products to lumber yards, specialty dealers and home centers in New Jersey, Eastern PA, lower New York (including Long Island), Connecticut, Northern Delaware & Maryland. Serving the building material industry for over 85 years, integrity and reputation have always been paramount to M.R.S.

The company also distributes some engineered products and is constantly assessing new building materials to determine whether they will make a significant long-term contribution to the profitability of customers. The company only seeks to distribute materials upon which relationships may be built, rather than going after trendy profits.

Robert A. Boyd Sr. 1896 - 1956
Robert A. Boyd Sr. (1896 - 1956)

In 1931, in the midst of the Great Depression, Robert A. Boyd, Sr. rented a warehouse in Paterson, New Jersey and began selling wood from southern mills on consignment. He called his business Manufacturers Reserve Supply, Inc. (M.R.S.) and built a reputation with suppliers and lumber dealers based on trust and service.

Robert A. Boyd, Jr. 1918 - 2012
Robert A. Boyd, Jr. (1918 - 2012)

At the end of World War II, Robert A. Boyd, Jr. joined his father at the current M.R.S. location in Irvington and became president in 1959. He served as Chairman for many years and died in 2012. His son, Stephen, now presides over the wholesale lumber business, bringing a new generation’s dedication to the company’s long tradition of “buying from our friends and selling to our friends.”

Stephen F. Boyd started with M.R.S. in 1979 and was named President of the company in 1983. He is currently a member of the board of directors of Pennsylvania Lumbermens Insurance Company. He also previously served as chairman of the North American Wholesale Lumber Association (NAWLA), an international trade association representing 650 leading forest products and building material industry wholesalers, manufacturers and industry affiliated companies.  The Township of Irvington selected him as male entrepreneur of the year for his commitment and dedication to the community.

Brian Boyd started with MRS in 2010 and is the fourth generation of the MRS family business. His sales experience includes four years working in the millwork department of Guardian Building Products. Before leaving Guardian, Brian was responsible for all direct sales of the window division. He is a graduate of Furman University, located in Greenville, SC and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Brian and Stephen Boyd
Brian and Stephen Boyd


M.R.S. is committed to educating our customers and recognizes that knowledge is an asset that rewards all who share it. Our sales team demonstrates various Power Point presentations on our product lines throughout the year. The company’s “College of Product Knowledge” is designed specifically to educate retail lumber dealer employees. Over 3,000 graduates have passed through the program.

M.R.S. also conducts week-long specie schools at participating mills throughout North America. The schools review logging operations, timber harvesting, cutting and harvesting of lumber, grading and distribution of finished product. Dealers are tested at the end of the program, which has now graduated over 250 dealers. M.R.S. also actively participates in nearly 50 seminars and trade shows a year including contractor, dealer, and architectural programs.

1952 - Herb DeRoth, Treasurer on left reviewing accounts receivable aging with accounting staff.
1952 - Herb DeRoth, Treasurer on left reviewing accounts receivable aging with accounting staff.


M.R.S. has been the recipient of numerous awards throughout the years and was named a semi-finalist for the New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award. This award was established by the George Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies to recognize the role played by family-owned businesses in the nation’s economy and their vast contributions to state and local business communities. During the governor’s presentation, he acknowledged this achievement by thanking MRS for its role in the nation’s economy.

1963 - Robert A. Boyd, Jr. & Roy McLean, Sales Manager reviewing Bruce Flooring samples.
1963 - Robert A. Boyd, Jr. & Roy McLean, Sales Manager reviewing Bruce Flooring samples.
1953 - Left to right - Roy McClean, Sales Manager and Robert A. Boyd, Jr., President reviewing new marketing strategy.
1953 - Left to right - Roy McClean, Sales Manager and Robert A. Boyd, Jr., President reviewing new marketing strategy.

MRS was also the recipient of the first ever Big-Mac Award bestowed by McDonald’s in honor of the Big Mac’s 35th birthday. This award is intended to honor companies and individuals who have demonstrated “staying power” through their long-term commitment to their communities. Mayor Wayne Smith of Irvington nominated MRS for this award in recognition of the company’s dedication to the community and to honor its tenacity, persistence and devotion to the town. MRS has called Irvington home since the company’s inception in 1931 and their desire to be a vital member of Irvington’s business community has remained steadfast throughout the years.


M.R.S. has taken several unique steps to strengthen employee and customer relationships as a building material distributor exclusively serving retailers. These include encouraging long-term employment, focusing on service excellence, and measuring customer satisfaction.

M.R.S. develops employees to their absolute limits and constantly encourages them to strive for greater goals. The company continually sends employees to classes and seminars to further their development. As a result of this and similar company policies, it is no surprise that the company has employees that have been with us for over 30 years. Our employees’ average for job longevity is 6.7 years. The net benefit of this commitment is that customers rate MRS highest in the area of product knowledge on customer satisfaction surveys.

M.R.S. has never lost sight of the role the company plays in the success of lumber retailers. Service excellence is a continuous goal and is approached in eight key ways:

  • 90-92 fill rate
  • 95% cycle count accuracy
  • 100% on-time shipment
  • A day’s work in a day’s time
  • Zero errors
  • Correcting mistakes as fast and as cheerfully as possible
  • Immediate reconfirmation of all orders and details with customers
  • Call backs to customers for any service deviation

Beyond striving always to provide highly responsive, knowledgeable service and on-time, accurate deliveries, we distinguish ourselves from other wholesalers by having no minimum load requirement on orders. Customers from Connecticut to Maryland can order as little as one piece of lumber from our New Jersey warehouse and will receive the same great service as if they ordered a truckload full.