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Moisture Management

Wall Products

HydroGap® Drainable Housewrap 

HydroGap allows construction professionals to Build Better™ by effectively eliminating excess moisture, thereby preventing the damaging effects of mold and rot. Its patent-pending one millimeter spacers allow at least 100X more bulk water to drain from a wall versus standard housewraps.

Slicker Classic

Slicker Classic®, previously referred to as “Home Slicker,” is the answer for protecting wall systems from the damaging effects of moisture. The unique, vertically-channeled, three-dimensional matrix of Slicker Classic® provides a continuous space for drainage and drying, a thermal break and pressure equalization—eliminating the threat of trapped moisture.

Slicker® HP Rainscreen

Slicker® HP is the first all-in-one moisture management solution to feature a detachable rainscreen and premium housewrap in a single application. The ability to detach the rainscreen from the housewrap without compromising water holdout simplifies installation and allows installers to use preferred flashing methods.

Slicker® MAX Rainscreen

Slicker® MAX is a vertically channeled rainscreen that includes a filter fabric, providing enhanced UV and compression resistance. Slicker MAX is ideal for providing drainage and ventilation behind fiber cement, stone veneer and stucco applications.

InvisiWrap­™ UV Black Housewrap

InvisiWrap­™ UV is specially designed for use with architectural designs that incorporate “open joint cladding.” The black color of the wrap enhances the aesthetic appeal to open joint architecture. When used in conjunction with a rainscreen it provides superior bulk water drainage, exceptional vapor permeability, and durability.

Roof Products

Cedar Breather®

Used as an underlayment for wood shingles and shakes, Cedar Breather provides space for a continuous airflow between the solid roof deck and the shingles. Cedar Breather is the solution to preserving the beauty and life of wood roofing.

Rapid Ridge® 7 Ridge Vent

Rapid Ridge® 7 is specifically designed for use with narrow hip and ridge shingles, cedar and slate. For optimum performance in wood roofing applications use Rapid Ridge 7 with Cedar Breather®.